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Corridors of Opportunity: Cultural District

March 12, 2007
Omni William Penn
11:30 a.m. - noon (networking)
Noon - 1:30 p.m. (lunch and program)
Join us on March 12 as we explore opportunities in Pittsburgh's Cultural District, a 14-block area of downtown Pittsburgh that's undergone an amazing transformation in the last 20 years. We'll focus on the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's upcoming $460 million project, bounded by Fort Duquesne Boulevard overlooking the Allegheny River, Penn Avenue, and Seventh and Ninth streets, which will be the country's first master-planned "green," mixed-use, arts/residential neighborhood, providing approximately 700 new residential units and 9,200 jobs for the region. Other panelists will include developers and others involved in the Cultural District's amazing transformation in the last two decades.

The program begins with networking at 11:30 a.m., includes lunch and finishes with the panel discussion. It will be a great place to meet the primary players making the Cultural District so vibrant, and to meet others interested in business opportunities in this important corridor. These events have consistently sold out, sometimes weeks before the final registration date, so make your reservation early.

The panel will include:
Eve Picker, president, no wall productions
Dave DiSimone, senior vice president of Operations/General Counsel, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Richard DeYoung, AIA, president & CEO, WTW Architects
Aaron Stauber, president, Rugby Realty
Neil Barclay, president & CEO, August Wilson Center for African American Culture
And will be moderated by Alan Robertson, publisher, Pittsburgh Business Times

The presenting sponsor for the Corridors of Opportunity series is Alpern Rosenthal. Other sponsors include Burns & Scalo Real Estate, Desmone & Associate Architects, Gateway Engineers, Meyer, Unkovic and Scott and NAIOP.

The open ticket price is $50. Business Times' subscribers and NAIOP members pay $45. Tables of 10 are available at a cost of $475 and $425. Payment must be received prior to the event.
Reservations close on March 5, 2007.

No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the event.
A limited number of walk-ins will be accepted at a cost of $50 at the door.

*If you are not a print subscriber, you may purchase a special package that includes a one-year subscription and a reservation to this event. Contact Michele Broda at 412-481-6397 or by email at mbroda@bizjournals.com for more details.
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